Alejo Borrero (Alejandro Borrero Rengifo) was born in Cali, Colombia in 1983. He breathed music from the cradle and at three years old he could already sing in first, second and third voice harmonies. At eight, Alejo received his first private saxophone lessons with masters Rito Burbano and José "El Cholo" Gallardo. Additionally, he received instruction from the Colombian singer, Jorge Fresquet, which helped Borrero galvanize his vocal technique and this led to his participation in musical productions as the lead singer.

The combination of his acute musical ear coupled with a home environment rich with music, led him developing a universal taste for music in all its manifestations, particularly, Cuban rhythms and boleros, a romantic musical genre which played at Alejo’s heart strings from his earliest days in school.

In 2009, after seven years enrolled in a local university, Borrero obtained his medical degree. During his hiatus from music, his passion for it never waned. In fact, during those years, Borrero frequently performed as a guest singer in numerous venues throughout Bogotá, Cali and Medellín.

El Bolero vive y vivirá

Known in the music scene for his peculiar interpretative style, at the request of his industry friends, Borrero recorded his first album named ALEJO BORRERO - MIS SENTIMIENTOS, a compilation of twelve songs from the traditional Cuban, Mexican, Argentinean and Puerto Rican repertoire. And, thanks to the mastery of Colombian-Cuban producer and percussionist, Julio Ramirez, modern arrangements have been executed with a touch of jazz, without losing the essence of the classic bolero.

This production has the unique fortune of being a collaboration between renowned musicians from Colombia and abroad, most notably, American jazz legend—Randy Becker, who plays flugelhorn in the bolero-jazz piece, "Reflexionando", Cuban singer, Raquel Hernández with whom Borrero sings duet in "Añorado Encuentro", Colombian singer-author Ilona who beautifully sang with Alejo the Puerto Rican danzón “Bajo Un Palmar” and Colombian singer, Sebastián "El Tren" Trujillo featured in the bolero "Longina".

The album succeeds in injecting a new spin to the classic bolero, and Borrero sums it up this way…"Let new rhythms thrive so the bolero never dies, as the need will always persist wherever a heart in love or a broken heart…exists.

Please enjoy this interpretation of beautiful selections sung by ALEJO BORRERO – MIS SENTIMIENTOS.


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